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Together, we can change lives one at a time

Our Events & Programs

HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL has embarked on numerous empowerment programs for the Youths, Widows and Orphans. Below are some of these events

  • 05
  • JAN-2020

2020 Hopee Empowerment Program

Medical mission in Ohiya Abia State sponsored by Hopee Foundation ..

  • 09
  • JAN-20

Medical Mission in collaboration with NANNNA

Hopee foundation international in collaboration with NANNNA conducted a...

  • 17
  • DEC-19

2019 Medical Mission in Ekiti State

2019 Hopee foundation sponsored free medical in AdoEkiti, Ekiti State Nigeria...

  • 13
  • DEC-19

Medical Mission in Ohiya Abia State

Medical mission in Ohiya Abia State sponsored by Hopee Foubdation International...

  • 24
  • JUL-19

Hopee Care Across Borders 2019

Today was a very unique day in the life of Hopee Foundation international as we went and ministered to the men and...

  • 04
  • DEC-18

Widows Empowerment 2018

HOPEE FOUNDATION put smiles on Widows has they went home with gift items ranging from Clothing material....

  • 09
  • DEC-18

Free medical mission - Okpu Isingwu

HOPEE FOUNDATION conducted free medical mission at Okpu Isingwu Umuahia Abia state Nigeria...

  • 29
  • NOV-17

2017 HOPEE FOUNDATION Medical Outreach

HOPEE Foundation International 2017 medical mission in collaboration with Senator Ben Uwagimogu at Isinweke Imo State Nigeria...

  • 02
  • DEC-17

Inception 2017

HOPEE FOUNDATION International present Inception 2017. Worship experience with Obed Thomption and friends...

  • 02
  • DEC-17

Widows Empowerment 2017

HOPEE FOUNDATION put smiles on Widows has they went home with gift items ranging from Clothing material....

  • 01
  • DEC-17

Renovation of Uzuakoli Motherless Babies Home

In fulfilment of its promises, HOPEE foundation handed over the newly renovated Motherless babies home..

  • 1-3
  • DEC-17

Uzuakoli Abia State Libration 2017

HOPEE FOUNDATION in conjuction with Uzuakoli Indigenous Ministries Association organised a powerpacked 3days....

  • 23
  • SEP-17

Hopee Foundation Inauguration Gala

HOPEE FOUNDATION was inauguration in the United States on the 23rd of September 2017. It was an evening of..

  • 7-23
  • AUG-17

Summer Lesson & Skill Acquisition

HOPEE FOUNDATION organized free summer classes and skill acquisition program 2017.Students were thought morals,...

  • 10
  • JUL-17

Leadership Summit 2017

HOPEE FOUNDATION organized Leadership Summit 2017 in Dubai. Hopee leadership training teaches professionals..

  • 19
  • APR-17

Distribution of School materials

HOPEE FOUNDATION distributions of School materials to the pupils of Umuoriehi/Amankwo Comm. Primary School Umuahia

  • 01
  • DEC-16

Visit to Ahiakes and Ozuakoli Motherless Baby Home

Passion for the less privilege in the society is a key needed to bring about Joy and rekindling of love in the heart of those....

  • 02
  • Dec-16

Widow Empowerment and Youth Agricultural Seminar

The second day was so remarkable in the lives of the widows who were empowered on how to make virilities of products like soap, ....

  • 03
  • Dec-16

Medical Mission at Nkwoegwu and Isingwu Okpuala

The third day was another moment of joy in the lives of the two communities chosen by HOPEE foundation, which....

  • 04
  • Dec-16

Inauguration of the Foundation & Decoration of Executive Chaplain

Finally on the fourth  day which was the official inauguration of the foundation was witnessed the by commissioner for....

  • 9-10
  • Dec-16

Widows Empowerment & Medical Mission Program in Pleatue State, Nigeria

About 4,500 Widows Were in Attendance. Food were distributed for the widows and their Children. Medical team of Hopee Foundation....

  • 29
  • Dec-16

Wedding Ceremony between Uzoamaka and Iyke

It was a wonderful moment of joy to witness the wedding ceremony between Uzoamaka and Iyke in Umuahia, Abia State...