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Together we can change lives..
Together we can change lives..
Together we can change lives..
Together we can change lives..
Together we can change lives..
Together we can change lives..

Together, we can change lives one at a time

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We are a non-governmental humanitarian international foundation. The aim of the foundation is to help the less privilege, the needy, widows, Orphans etc.
Hopee foundation international is a youth organization which focuses on making a big difference in youth empowerment and education. The foundation runs different skill acquisition program for the youth which helps them in finding their niche when it comes to skills that will help them to navigate this hard times. The 2020 youth based skill acquisition that was conducted all through the month of May focused on teaching the youth some skills like barbing, hair dressing, cloth making, baking, cosmetology, farming, computer applications and engineering, and others. There was 120 youths that participated in this project and after which 20 of the participants where empowered by the foundation. The foundation wants to run this on yearly basis due to the benefit to the youths. What a great achievement.


The objectives of HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL are as follows:


Lasting and Quality Healthcare for the Homeless, less privileged and the internally displaced people in and around us. This is achieved through sponsoring of medical missions, building health centers and hospitals and providing free and subsidized medical treatments


Building bridges to financially help the Orphans, less privileged though personal, local, national and international funding.


Poverty and hunger eradication through encouragement in agricultural and farming projects.


Empowerment of the women through skill acquisition and small business capital provisions.


Empowerments of the Youth through sponsoring youth education and skill acquisitions through scholarships and mentoring program.


The vision of HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is to be an anchor organizations that will focus on changing lives and making a difference in our community and be an extended arms and voice for the less privilege. HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL through its founders and partners will bring hope to the hopeless and empowerment to the orphans, youth and women in our generation and generations to come through skill acquisitions, scholarship and role modeling.


The mission of HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is to provide education, employment programs, health, and support services for the Youth, women and less privilege in the society who are in disadvantaged positions due to poor education system, poverty, and homelessness.

Upcoming Events

HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL will embark on numerous empowerment programs for the Youths, Widows and back to school programs. These programs are to provide them opportunities to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to more positive lifestyles and enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices.

Across borders
Across borders

Latest Events

HOPEE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL has embarked on numerous empowerment programs for the Youths, Widows and Orphans. Below are some of these events

  • 12
  • DEC-20

Dec 2020 Ofeme Free Healthcare Outreach

Free health check up, free health education, free eye examination, ...

  • 09
  • DEC-20

December 2020 Youth Empowerment Program

The foundation empowered so many of the participants in the May 2020 free...

  • 24
  • DEC-20

2020 December Widows Gifts and Empowerment

Hopee foundation gave various gift items and empower widows . ..

  • 20
  • JUN-2020

2020 Outreach in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Hopee Foundation as part of our community objectives was out in Harrisburg..

  • 20
  • MAY-2020

COVID 19 reliefs for motherless babies home

Hopee Foundation International & others provides COVID 19 reliefs ..

  • 05
  • JAN-2020

2020 Hopee Empowerment Program

Medical mission in Ohiya Abia State sponsored by Hopee Foundation ..

  • 09
  • JAN-20

Medical Mission in collaboration with NANNNA

Hopee foundation international in collaboration with NANNNA conducted a...

  • 17
  • DEC-19

2019 Medical Mission in Ekiti State

2019 Hopee foundation sponsored free medical in AdoEkiti, Ekiti State Nigeria...

  • 13
  • DEC-19

Medical Mission in Ohiya Abia State

Medical mission in Ohiya Abia State sponsored by Hopee Foubdation International...

  • 24
  • JUL-19

Hopee Care Across Borders 2019

Today was a very unique day in the life of Hopee Foundation international as we went and ministered to the men and...

What is LOVE ?

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” ― Mother Teresa

Past Events

Across borders
Across borders